University of El Oued

Vice-Rectorate of External Relations

Prof. Dr Elhabib GUEDDA                                                                 Relations and Cooperation                                                                                                                                        Vice Rector responsible for International


Dear international students. Please allow me to welcome you to the University of El Oued. We are pleased that you have chosen to pursue an academic career at our university. As new students represent different countries. Literally, Our University is where the world meets. We say again in our dialect ”Marhaba

International Relations Office 

It was created in October 2018 as an International Cooperation Committee, consisting of many professors from seven faculties. Upon the approval of the rector, in 2020, it will become the International Relations Office, which will handle all international affairs and activities.

Office Responsabilities

  • Supporting activities related to initiating and coordinating international cooperation of the University Of El Oued with international universities and research institutions at the university-wide level;
  • Preparing bilateral agreements on scientific cooperation realized at the university-wide level
  • Providing administrative support for mobility programmes and governmental scholarship holders under Erasmus+ programmes
  • Providing reception, service, and co-organization of international students and visits from foreign universities, coordinated by the head of the Office or Office of the Vice-Rector for International Relations;
  • Publishing IRO’s periodical Newsletter (in English);
  • Spreading the word among students, Ph.D. students, University researchers, and staff about study offers, scholarship opportunities, language courses, summer/winter schools, international conferences, and other foreign offers (mailing list and posts on social media);
  • involvement in the activities of international cooperation networks coordinated at the university-wide level.


Foreign universities have a unique opportunity to establish highly beneficial academic collaborations with the University of El Oued. These partnerships can be facilitated through cooperation programs and conventions, offering a platform for cross-border educational and research initiatives. Leveraging the resources and potential inherent in the region, including its rich cultural diversity and academic strengths, can lead to mutually rewarding outcomes for all involved parties.

The University of El Oued has a rich history of successful engagements with international mobility programs, particularly under the Erasmus+ program. Collaborations with renowned European universities such as those in Serbia, France, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and more have enriched the academic experiences of students. These connections have empowered students to pursue both graduate and postgraduate studies, broadening their horizons and promoting intercultural understanding.

Furthermore, the University of El Oued has actively participated in Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) projects like the ESAGOV project with UNIMED ( Camel MILK ) project with the University of Jena in Germany. These initiatives have not only contributed to the modernization and internationalization of education but have also strengthened academic ties between institutions, fostering academic excellence and innovation.

In summary, the University of El Oued’s strong track record in international cooperation, along with the region’s unique attributes, presents an excellent opportunity for foreign universities to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships, enhancing the academic landscape and providing students with diverse opportunities for their academic and professional growth.