University of El Oued

The Erasmus+ Program

The Erasmus+ program is a European Union initiative aimed at enhancing education, training, youth, and sport across member states and beyond. It supports a wide range of activities, including student and staff mobility, partnerships between educational institutions, and projects promoting innovation and excellence in education. Erasmus+ emphasizes internationalization, employability, and intercultural skills development. It encourages study and work abroad opportunities, enabling students, teachers, and staff to gain international experience. The program includes funding for research, language learning, and capacity building projects. Erasmus+ promotes social inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities, making education more accessible for all. It plays a pivotal role in modernizing European education and strengthening international cooperation. The program fosters a skilled, adaptable workforce and enriches European and global collaboration in education and beyond.

International Credit Mobility (ICM) 


International Credit Mobility (ICM) is a key component of the Erasmus+ program that promotes international cooperation and mobility in the field of higher education. Through ICM, students, staff, and faculty from European and partner countries can participate in exchange programs. This initiative supports study abroad, traineeships, teaching, and training activities, enabling participants to gain international experience. ICM encourages partnerships between higher education institutions and organizations from different countries, fostering cross-cultural understanding and academic cooperation. It focuses on regions outside of Europe and aims to enhance the quality, relevance, and inclusivity of higher education. ICM projects receive funding to facilitate international mobility and strengthen the modernization and internationalization of higher education institutions. This program contributes to the development of a skilled and globally aware workforce, fostering sustainable international collaborations.

Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE)

Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) is a vital component of the Erasmus+ program, focusing on strengthening higher education institutions in partner countries. CBHE projects aim to modernize and enhance the quality of education, research, and management systems. These initiatives foster international cooperation, promote innovation, and address the specific needs and challenges of partner countries.

CBHE projects typically involve consortia of European and partner country institutions working together to achieve sustainable and impactful outcomes. The projects can encompass a wide range of activities, including curriculum development, faculty training, infrastructure improvement, and the establishment of innovative teaching and learning practices.

In essence, CBHE under Erasmus+ plays a pivotal role in promoting excellence and innovation in higher education institutions, contributing to the global harmonization of education standards and improving educational access and quality in partner countries.