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 ESAGOV aims to improve and strengthen the process-quality of governance in Algerian universities from building their school project.

The project intends to act at different levels, while building on the gains and achievements of the Algerian universities. 

The project

One of the key elements of recent higher education (HE) reforms around the world is the governance of universities. A recent concept, governance concerns the way universities, and HE in general, define objectives, implement them, manage institutions and monitor results. There is now broad consensus in the MENA region that governance is critical to improving the quality of education.

Long marked by very strong centralization, the higher education system in Algeria has gradually started to adapt to new requirements, particularly in terms of quality assurance, and to put in place a framework conducive to greater accountability of universities.

ESAGOV aims to improve and strengthen the quality approach of governance in Algerian universities from the construction of their establishment plan. The project intends to act at different levels, while building on the achievements and achievements of Algerian universities.

As everywhere in the world, Algerian universities are called upon to contribute more actively to the competitiveness of the economy of their countries while continuing to fulfill their missions of production of knowledge in favor of regional and national socio-economic growth and development. . For this, universities need to include their action in a medium-term strategy that takes into account their environment in order to allow better employability of their students.

The objective of this project is to support universities in taking an additional step in terms of governance by defining their establishment plan. The project will implement a series of actions to set up a concerted work mechanism within each university that will create the necessary conditions for a collective definition of the strategy of each university.

In this context, the specific objectives of the ESAGOV project are:

Strengthening the role of universities in defining their own missions, essential to continue the process of empowerment through the definition of an establishment project specific to each university, resulting from a process of consultation between all the actors of university life and reflecting its particularities, specializations and field of excellence;
Strengthening the strategic skills of university leaders and academic and administrative staff;
A strengthening of the evaluation system and the quality approach within institutions, in particular by bringing together quality assurance and educational training units.

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 Presentations of the project ESAGOV and the project of the establishment