The Faculty of Exact Sciences at El Oued University celebrates the International Day of Mathematics

The Faculty of Exact Sciences at the University of Echahid Hamma Lakhdar, in coordination with the Al-Khawarizm Association, the Department of Mathematics and the Mathematics Laboratory, commemorated the International Day of Mathematics, corresponding to March 14 of each year, by organizing a scientific party supervised by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Abdelouahheb Mansour.

By the occasion , the Faculty has programmed a number of lectures in the field of mathematics given by professors and an exhibition of some mathematical games. The scientific celebration was attended by the Rector of the University, Prof. Omar Farahati, his Vice Rector, Prof. Guedda Elhabib, and the Vice Rector in charge of Pedagogy and Studies, Prof. Bashir Mannai, as well as the Head of the Mathematics Department, Dr. Baloul Said, the Head of the Chemistry Department, Dr. Jamal Attia, the Head of the Physics Department, Dr. Morad Mimouni, and Professor Abdelaoui, President of the Al-Khawarizm Association, and number of professors, doctoral students, and mathematics students.

The celebration began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, then the national anthem, after which the Dean of the Facultyof Exact Sciences, giving his welcome speech to the attendees, thanking them for accepting the invitation, and wishing them success in their scientific and research career. Then interventions were made by doctors and students. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Rector of the University, accompanied by his Vice Rectors , supervised the awarding of the prizes to the distinguished professors, and the honoring of the pupil, Ahmed Sami Haouamdi, who won first place in the Soroban International Mental Arithmetic Competition that took place recently in the Republic of Egypt.