University of El Oued


Within the framework of cooperation and support of scientific and research expertise

El Oued University participates in the Cooperation and Training Forum in Tunisia


Elchahid Hamma Lakhdar University participated with many national universities in the Cooperation and Training Forum in Tunisia. Professor Guedda Elhabib, Vice Rector for External Relations, represented the university at the forum which was supervised by the Institute of Graduate Studies in Sousse for a period of three days, during which the processes of training, and exchanging experiences for employees, administrators, and technicians in the fields of digitization, management, and governance. The participants visited the Cronos Box business incubator, in cooperation with Olga International Academy where they sow models of private institutions’ relationships in cooperation, supporting business incubators and their researchers, and areas of research.

The participating delegation visited the private Higher Institute for Postgraduate Studies, which is accredited by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to see the fields of training
provided by professors and researchers at that institute.
The forum concluded with many recommendations and agreements that aimed to develop training and exchange.