University of El Oued

Training courses for teachers in remote teaching methods and strategies at El Oued  University

As part of the strategic plan for digitization, today, Sunday, November 26, 2023, witnessed the launch of a training course for 120 teachers in remote teaching methods and strategies at the main lecture hall Abu Al-Kassim Saadallah at the University of Echahid  Hamma Lakhdar  under the supervision of the university rector , Professor Omar Ferhati, and organized by the local committee for establishing distance learning overseen by Dr. Djallab Mohammed Saleh. The first workshop was led by Dr. Miloudi Mounir on distance education pedagogy and Dr. Boubouche Mohamed El Arabi on cloud content management. The course will continue with other training workshops over five days covering topics such as the online lesson platform, “OPALE” lesson preparation program, and the “VUE” conceptual map building program, presented by a group of university experts in this field. The aim of this course is to train teachers in learning remote teaching methods and strategies.