University of El Oued


The rector of El Oued University holds an evaluative meeting on the university’s ranking and visibility.

Today, Wednesday, January 31, 2024, Prof. Omar Farhati, the rector of the University of Echahid Hamma Lakhder, held an evaluative meeting regarding the university’s ranking and visibility. The meeting was attended by deputy directors of the university, deans of faculties, the head of the network department, members of the local committee for monitoring the university’s ranking and visibility, and expert professors.

The university rector opened the meeting by emphasizing the importance of ranking and visibility in elevating the university to the ranks of global universities. He pointed out the significance of assessing the level of the university’s ranking and visibility, studying the strengths to continue and addressing the weaknesses for improvement.

Professor Tayar Zuhair presented an overview of the international university rankings, the adopted scientific standards, impact classification, data placement, and strategies for improving visibility, including leveraging freelance work platforms on social media. Professor Tayar Zuhair also presented, on behalf of Dr. Abdelkader Hima, the head of the university’s social services, an overview of the Scientific Excellence Award, an initiative to encourage researchers at the university.

Dr. Abdelkader Laouid provided updates on the entry of QS ranking and the progress of the university and its faculties. Dr. Abdullah Reguig  presented on the visual identity of the university and its implementation mechanisms within the new strategy to enhance the university’s visibility.

The meeting included extensive discussions and the presentation of several suggestions for improving the university’s ranking and visibility.