University of El Oued

Students  of secondary school Explore the Uses of Artificial Intelligence at El Oued University

On January 30, 2024, El Oued’s University welcomed a group of high school students from various municipalities, including Hassi Khelifa, El Douaila, Dour  El Maa, Al-Taleb Al-Arabi, Al-Magrin, Hassani Abdel Karim, to learn about the applications of artificial intelligence.

This initiative is part of the university’s commitment to openness to its educational and social environment, and within the ongoing efforts of the Artificial Intelligence Center at the university to provide a series of enriching lectures for high school students, especially those preparing for the baccalaureate exams.

The students listened to a lecture on the uses of artificial intelligence presented by Dr. Bouchrit Amar, in which he introduced various technological programs related to artificial intelligence, capturing the attention of the high school students. The lecture included a detailed explanation of the applications of artificial intelligence and its uses in physics and mathematics, as well as an introduction to programming languages. Additionally, the lecture covered design using artificial intelligence, aiming to help students develop their knowledge and skills, emphasizing the importance of this field in the present and future, given the growing significance of artificial intelligence in various domains.