University of El Oued

A study day on “the scientific trips of Oued Souf flags and their intellectual and cultural impact in the region and its neighboring” at El Oued University.

Today, March 12, 2023, the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Echahid Hamma Lakhdar University, and in coordination with the Laboratory of the Contributions of Algerian Scholars to the Enrichment of Islamic Sciences and the Research Team (P.R.F.U) on the cultural history of Oued Souf between 1900-1988, organized a study day focused on “the scientific trips of the Oued Souf flags and their intellectual and cultural impact in the region and its surroundings”, where the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Professor Rahmani Ibrahim, supervised the opening of the scientific event with professors. Dr. Hamza Boukhazna, Dr.Djabari Atmani , the scientific organizational committee , professors and students The Dean stressed the importance of this meeting to promote research and scientific products. He explained that the trips are an important source of knowledge of cultural life and scientific environments.

For his part, the Director of t the Study Day, Dr. Djaabari Otmani, gave a speech on scientific trips and their intellectual and cultural impact.

The program was characterized by scientific sessions that included many interventions presented by research professors, like “The Journey and its Scientific Role” by Dr. Abdelhakem ben Aoun, in addition to an intervention entitled “The Zaytona Trip of the Reader Ali Bikka El Guemari and its Cultural Effects on the Sufi and biskrian society” by Dr Mokhtar Guediri

the professors sought to achieve the goals of this study day, which are

Highlighting the role of the Soufi scientific Trip in activating the educational and cultural movement.

Showing the most important tributaries of the spread of intellectual and cultural awareness of the inhabitants of the region.

Revealing the contributions of culture flags in the region and their roles in spreading awareness .