University of El Oued


The President of Napir Genie Chellini University inaugurates the Russian Corner at El Oued University.  She visits the University Business Incubator and the Research Center for Renewable Energy.  She meets with the staff of the Higher School of Saharan Agriculture and gives a lecture on Russian language and culture at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.


On September 20, 2023, the President of NapirGenie Chellini Educational University, Professor Galya Birova, along with Mr. Omar Farhati, the Rector of the  University of El Oued, and Dr. Amar Mustafaoui, the Director of the Intensive Language Learning Center, inaugurated the Russian Corner at the center. This  event was attended by several professors and students interested in learning the Russian language. The Russian Corner is considered an important area for exchange and collaboration between Napir Genie Chellini Educational University and the University of El Oued. It enables students to explore other cultures in
the fields of science and research, aligning with the goals of Algerian universities emphasized by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor KamelBaddari, and the directives of the University’s Rector, Professor Omar Farhati.
Before this inauguration, a delegation from the Russian University visited  the University of El Oued as part of a scientific and research visit program. They explored the University’s Business Incubator and the Research Center for Renewable Energy. The delegation was accompanied by the University’s Director and his deputy for external relations, Professor Kada El Habib, as well as the Director of the University’s Business Incubator and the Director of the Research Center for Renewable Energy, along with various professors and student researchers.

During the visit, the delegation received explanations about the important analysis and measurement equipment available at the research center.

They also learned about natural solar drying processes for vegetables and fruits, which were presented alongside some dried products.
Additionally, they were introduced to a natural cooling device using palm residues, designed and produced locally by a research team in heat exchange, led by Professor Ali Al-Zain.
Following this, the delegation visited the University’s Business Incubator to learn about innovation projects, various research laboratories, achievements of researchers, and patented inventions that have placed the University of El Oued at the forefront nationally. Dr. Mohamed Fouad Farhat, the Head of the Business Incubator, and the professors and researchers explained the facilities available at the incubator, including spaces for information technology and artificial intelligence, chemistry laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and training halls. The delegation also received explanations about the role of the Business Incubator and its available resources, as well as various initial prototypes developed by student project owners and their operational mechanisms.
In conclusion, the Director of the Russian University expressed her admiration for the work accomplished during her visit.

The delegation from the Russian University, accompanied by the University Director, then moved to the Higher School of Saharan Agriculture. They were received by Professor Sagai Sofyane, the School’s Director, and Mokhtar Ben Halima, the School’s Secretary- General, along with the entire team of the Higher School of Saharan Agriculture. The delegation received explanations about the School’s goals in achieving development, and they toured the School’s various facilities.
At the Faculty of Economics, Trade, and Management Sciences, Professor Galya Birova, the President of the University, delivered a introductory lecture about  Chellini University and gave an overview of Russian language and culture. She was accompanied by the University’s Deputy for International Relations, Professor Jamila Qlaqoudina, and Dr.
SharafouOulik, along with the University Rector, his deputy for external relations, and a group of professors and students.
The meeting was opened by the University Rector and his deputy for external relations, Professor Guedda El Habib, who welcomed the audience and handed over the floor to Professor GalyaBirova. She presented a visual presentation about her educational institution, which is the only one of its kind in the Republic of Tatarstan. She highlighted that it is a modern, innovative educational and research university with several faculties, facilities, and a diverse student body. She mentioned that the university has six faculties and an institute for additional vocational education, with over 5,000 students, including 7% from abroad. She discussed the university’s international activities, annual scientific conferences, and special projects, such as the New Learning Environment, Digital University, new specializations for educational administration, regional quality assessment system, and new methods for organizing scientific work. She also described the university’s infrastructure, including integrated research laboratories, environmental and physical sciences, educational innovations, digital technologies,expert centers, analytical facilities, the Kama Sports Complex, and the Technical Multi-Specialty Educational Technology Complex (Quanterium). She emphasized that the university is ready to collaborate in various scientific and educational fields in Russia and worldwide. Following the lecture, there was a discussion session titled “RussianLanguage and Culture,”presented by Professor SharafouOulik, highlighting the importance of the Russian language in scientific research and cultural openness.
The session concluded with questions and discussions from the professors and active participation from the students. President GalyaBirova answered their questions.
In conclusion, Professor GalyaBirova and her accompanying delegation were impressed with the University of El Oued and praised the efforts made by the University Director and the academic staff in developing the institution in various areas.
Before leaving, the delegation from the Russian University participated in a guided tour of cultural and tourist sites in the city of El Oued and its surroundings.