University of El Oued

On the occasion of the promotion of the journal of the Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences at the University of Echahid Hamma Lakhdar El Oued entitled” Algerian Journal of Biosciences”

Where it was registered as the first journal at El Oued University within the system defined by the digital object after obtaining membership

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With this achievement, the family of the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences and the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Zaatar Abdelmalik, extend their highest expressions of thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the staff of the journal and to its editor-in-chief, Professor Ghamam Emara Aldjilani. Congratulations to the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences and the staff of the magazine, and thanks are extended to everyone who contributed to this success. We also affirm that our support is continuous for such works and achievements that contribute to the development of the faculty and the university.