University of El Oued

Middle School Students  visit the University of El Oued

Today, November 28, 2023, students from Tair Hussein Middle School in the Taksabat -in El Oued  visited the University of Echahid Hamma Lakhdar. The visit of the 24 students came based on prior coordination between the school administration and the university’s general secretariat, within the framework of the university’s openness to its external social environment.

The students were accompanied by two teachers from the school, Fares Dawim ,Amari Mubaraka and the administration assistant Kawkab Ghanabziya.

The goal of the students’ visit is to learn about the university and enhance their love of study in order to reach graduate studies in the future. These students carried badges on which each one wrote his future wish, such as a lawyer, doctor, engineer, professor, and so on. On the occasion, the students inspected some of the auditoriums and rooms, and some of the professors received them during the teaching sessions and. They also spoke with a number of students on campus who wished them to join the university in the future to achieve their dreams as well as serve the country through education. The students and professors supervising the visit thanked the entire university family, especially the university’s rector and  the secretary-general, for granting them permission to visit the highest educational and scientific institution.