University of El Oued

The University of the El Oued is the first Algerian university to receive the Label  “Study in Algeria”.

The University  of Echahid Hamma Lakhdar, is the first university in Algeria, which receives the Label  “Study in Algeria”. The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Kamal Badari, awarded  the label to  15 university institutions and university residences in Algeria, in the attendance  of  officials  from  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad  and thirty (30) attachés to the diplomatic representations in Algeria. The Rector of the El Oued University,

The university institutions receiving the badge “Study in Algeria”, One Star, were ranked as follows:
• University of Echahid HAMMA LAKHDAR, El Oued,
• Boumerdès University, M’HAME BOUGARA
• Mostaganem University, ABDELHAMID IBN BADIS,
• Khemis Miliana University, DJALIL BOUNAAMA,
• Laghouat Universitty, AMAR TELIDJI
• Bejaia University, ABDERRAHMANE MIRA
• Bouira University, AKLI MOHAND OULHAJ
• Tizi-Ouzou University, MOULOUD MAMMERI
• University Center of Tipaza, MORSLI ABDELLAH
• Blida University, SAAD DAHLAB
• Algiers 3 University, IBRAHIM SULTAN CHEIBOUT
• Algiers 1 University, BENYOUCEF BENKHEDDA
• University of Science and Technology, HOUARI BOUMEDIENE
• Médéa University , YAHYA FARES
• Algiers 2 University , ABU AL-QASIM SAADALLAH