University of El Oued

Echahid Hamma Lakhdar University – El Oued – commemorates the 61st National Anniversary of Victory Day

In commemoration of the 61st National Anniversary of the Victory Day, and the month of martyrs .

In commemoration of the day of victory 19 march,

today, Monday, March 20, 2023, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at Echahid Hamma Lakhdar University organized a grand the celebration , under the supervision of the University Rector, Professor Omar Farhati, and the Dean of the Faculty , Dr.Gharissa Amar.

Were present the university Rector Prof. Ferhati Omar, Mr. Director of the Mujahideen, Mr. Fawzi Masmoudi, the grandson of the martyr Hamma Lakhdar, Mr. Lamkaddam Boubaker, Mr. Director of the Mujahid Museum, Dr. Ghammam Amara Mohammed, Mr. Vice Rector of the University in charge of Pedagogy, Professor Bachir Mannai, Mr. Secretary General of the University, Shaouki Mdallal, the Sub-Director of Activities and the Information and Communication Cell of the University, Vice Deans and Mr. The Secretary General of the Faculty, heads of departments and the Faculty family, including professors, students, employees, and workers.

The Dean of the Faculty , Dr. Ammar Gharaissa, gave a welcoming speech to the audience, indicating the activities commemorating the 61st anniversary of the Victory Day. The Director of the Moudjahideen presented his speech in which he praised the role of the university and its Rector, Professor Omar Farhati, as he praised also the Dean of the Faculty and all the actors.

The Rector of the University announced the opening of the historical event commemorating the Victory Day with a speech in which he welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of these activities that link the liberation generation of our fighters and martyrs with the present generation who carry the trust of the martyrs, addressing the university family and our dear students with praise for their general role in protecting Algeria as their fathers and grandfathers did . He added that the region of Oued Souf was home to the weapons of the liberation revolution, recalling that the University of Echahid Hamma Lakhdar was named on the hero martyr shows to the French colonialism the meaning of sacrifice and freedom. He said that the battle of “Hood Chika ” and all the battles of the region are a medal of glory.

In his speech, the Rector thanked all state institutions and the National People’s Army, a descendant of the National Liberation Army, indicating the role of our students in upholding the name of the University of Echahid Hamma Lakhdar and Algeria in the forums of science and knowledge .

The events began with lectures and chants presented by Professor Othman Zaguab on the role of Algerian diplomacy in achieving victory. Pupils of Naghmouch Mohammed Atahar presented patriotic songs and plays that shook the audience with the sincerity of innocence, their national awareness and the beauty of their spirit out of love for Algeria. The family of the martyr Hamma Lakhdar, represented by his grandson, Mr. Boubaker lamkaddam was honored by the University of El Oued and Directe of the Moudjahideen .

The ceremony was concluded with a patriotic song for the children of Algeria, who were carrying the flag of the homeland high.