The translator, Abdelkader Mihi, lectures at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, El Oued University

Today, March 19, 2023, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences hosted, on the occasion of the Victory Day, the writer and translator Abdelkader Mihi, to present a valuable historical and cultural lecture entitled “Colonial Projects for the Occupation of Algeria – the Sahara as a Model-”. The meeting was attended by the dean of the faculty, the head of the scientific council, poet Mustafa Saoualeh, a professors and many students.

The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Ammar Ghraissa, welcomed the translator Abdelkader Mihi, who translated more than 14 books of French authors during the colonial era, whose writings reflected various aspects of life in the Sahara region and Algeria. The dean of the faculty called on the professors and students to benefit from the knowledge of this writer and translator, whose translation projects are still ongoing.

The translator, Abdelkader Mihi, spoke in his intervention about the beginnings of the entry of the French into the eastern and western Algerian desert, and how the French writers, most of whom were officers, conveyed various aspects of life in the desert within the framework of their colonial missions. As example we can set Doma,Bilipssi , Loyti, Kofi Gaston, and Charles Ferro, as well as the writer Isabelle Aberhardt, who lived in Souf and Ain al-Safra, whose works were translated by writer Abdelkader Mihi.

The poet Mostafa Soualeh also recited a poetic poem on the occasion.

A number of questions about the subject of the lecture were asked by professors and students, and answered by the guest of the Faculty, who was honored at the end of the lecture by the Dean of the faculty , the head of the scientific council, and the professors of the fculty.